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About Merry Beth


I'm Merry Beth, creator of Hardwear Merry and Merry Beth Myrick Designs.

I've made jewelry since I can remember. Getting sent to my room until I could explain why I did what I did, only to never come out because I was having a ball making patterns for new clothes + making jewelry from old family costume pieces, it became obvious to my mom that the more I had to do with my hands, the less trouble I would find. I guess you could say that what I did to stay out of trouble became a hobby, which became what I get to do for a living + it funds my infinite need to travel God's earth.

I graduated college with a degree in Textiles, Design, and Merchandising. After that, I worked as a wardrobe stylist, working on commercials, video shoots and album covers, and managed a boutique. I left the entire business for a few years to bartend + travel + figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Throughout that journey, what I loved when I was 10 years old came back to me and has made me the happiest I could have ever dreamt of being. I love what I do and am so very thankful to share it with you!