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Western Lake Tree Line Bracelet
Western Lake Tree Line Bracelet

Western Lake Tree Line Bracelet

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An Allison Wickey & Merry Beth Myrick collaboration!


Hand-forged, pure copper bracelet etched with Allison’s famous tree line painting. We will also be offering them in sterling silver soon.


Why we chose copper: Copper is the most healing of all metal. Wearing a pure copper bracelet will ease inflammation + pain and do wonders to the energy levels + immunity system. Other benefits of wearing copper include better mineral absorption, increased cardiovascular health, a healthier immune system, and anti-aging benefits.


30A, with its white quartz sand beaches, peaceful emerald green and blue water, and “home” feeling, is a beautiful place to heal your soul, your heart, your knees, your past wounds, your lifestyle, your relationships, your energy, and anything else in need of healing!


30A + a pure copper bracelet =  healthy healing!