Marie Labradorite Earrings

Marie Labradorite Earrings

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Hand-forged, American sourced, sterling silver with Labradorite.

My signature square ear wires keep your earrings more secure in your ears and are made from sterling silver or gold fill. Please let me know if you have metal allergies and I will work with you.

The stones are natural so they vary in size, but most earrings will be 2.25". 

Labradorite: Banishes fears + insecurities and psychic debris from previous disappointments. It strengthens faith in the self + trust in the universe. Removes other's projections. Calms an overactive mind and energized the imagination, opening you to new ideas. It encourages contemplation, bringing clarity of intellectual thought + intuitive wisdom bringing one to peace by helping dispel illusion + determining the root cause of an issue.

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