Embrace Prehnite Necklace

Embrace Prehnite Necklace

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American sourced sterling silver + fold-formed copper with raw cut Prehnite and Labradorite stones.

43" and can be adjusted on request. Pendant is 2.75".

Prehnite: A stone of unconditional love. Enhances precognition+ inner knowing, enabling you to always be prepared. A great stone for "decluttering", allowing you to let go of possessions you no longer need. 

Labradorite: Banishes fears + insecurities and psychic debris from previous disappointments. It strengthens faith in the self + trust in the universe. Removes other's projections. Calms an overactive mind and energized the imagination, opening you to new ideas. It encourages contemplation, bringing clarity of intellectual thought + intuitive wisdom bringing one to peace by helping dispel illusion + determining the root cause of an issue.

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